Call the UAMS AR-Connect Support Line at 501-526-3563 or 800-482-9921

If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-273-8255.

Our Mission

Stay Positive Arkansas

The mission of Stay Positive Arkansas has been to help individuals and communities mentally and emotionally recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past year, our crisis counselors have helped Arkansans in all areas of the state. Our grant period is coming to an end on June 2nd, 2021, but help is still here. Our program partners are existing local behavioral health service providers throughout the state and they aren’t going anywhere. You can also reach out to AR-Connect, a grant-funded program provided through UAMS.

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Some Quick Facts

No One is Immune to COVID-19. We’re Here to Help. 

  • There is no shame or stigma involved in getting or being concerned about getting COVID-19
  • Fear and anxiety about a new disease can be overwhelming for anyone
  • Coping with stress in a healthy way will make you and your loved ones stronger
  • Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations
  • Self care and routines are great ways to stay mentally healthy
  • Please reach out for help if you feel overwhelmed

Our Partners

When symptoms associated with your anxiety have affected your ability to function in some part of your life, it’s time to reach out. Our partners are organizations that we have longstanding relationships with that we trust to provide you the services you need to cope and manage mental and social stresses during this pandemic. 

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